HLN-A的发现语音#1 (孤岛)

Take a look at this. Its a bit of flash that the other survivors must've missed. Good thing you've got ol' HLN-A following you around, right? There's a reason I'm following you around, My creator, Helena, used to be a survivor like you. If I observe you, maybe i can understand her better.

HLN-A的发现语音#2 (孤岛)

It fascinates me how you survivors find your own solutions to problems. Stranded in a strange land with no tools? Just punch the tree! I never would have guessed that's effective. Can't wait to see what solutions you come up with in the Genesis simulation. Like... how do you build a fort on the open sea? Or in a volcanic hellscape? It's not all punching trees, mate.

HLN-A的发现语音#3 (孤岛)

This place is dangerous! If you don't starve, the dinos will get you -- or the environment, or who knows what else. Thirty percent of survivors don't live to see a second day, and fifty-five percent don't make it past the first week. It's a little odd that they're called "survivors" when they're not so good at it. You, though? I got a feeling about you. After all, they're putting you in the Genesis simulation for a reason, eh?

HLN-A的发现语音#4 (焦土)

I don't understand how you survivors decide what to tame what to eat. Take a gander at the creatures we've seen lately. They aren't exactly cute! What makes you look at something that's all scales and fangs and say, "that one there, that'll be a right rippin' pet?" Or "I fancy that dino for brekkie this morning?" Tame 'em or eat 'em, that's your call, I reckon. Just don't let 'em eat you, eh?

HLN-A的发现语音#5 (焦土)

This Ark has creatures that never were, if you catch my meaning. It's not all dinosaurs from prehistory. The minds behind this Ark dug into their mythology books, not just their "Dinos for Kiddos" books. Get used to it -- you'll see some things in the Genesis simulation that never were, too. I reckon it's yet another way to keep survivors on your toes.

HLN-A的发现语音#6 (焦土)

谁把这方舟弄得这么热?我发誓热得我头晕。我是一幅全息图!你一定是疯了!等等,我明白了!是你的衣服,不是吗?根据天气是热还是冷,你可以在你的躯干上覆盖不同的东西。太棒了! ...但这对我没用,更遗憾的是。嗯,我们最好习惯炎热的天气——我们的未来会有很多这样的天气。
Who made this Ark so bloody hot? I swear the heat is making me dizzy. And I’m a hologram! You must be burning up! Wait, I get it! It’s your clothes, innit? You drape different things over your torso and whatnot depending on whether it’s hot or cold. That’s brilliant! ...but it won’t work for me, more’s the pity. Well, we better get used to the heat -- there’s a lot of it in our future.

HLN-A的发现语音#7 (焦土)

我刚刚发现了一些奇怪的东西。制作方舟的大脑用它们来测试一些生物,你可以在《创世纪》的模拟中找到。我的扫描仪告诉我,这里测试了一只巨大的蜥蜴,里面有一个生物炉。 他们在方舟上再也没有这种生物了——如果有,我们会看到烧焦的痕迹。但在你们幸存者到来之前,他们在这里测试了火蜥蜴。我想知道为什么他们决定只在模拟中使用它们?
I just discovered something curious. The minds that made the Arks used them to test some of the critters that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation. My scanner tells me that an immense lizard with an internal bio-furnace was tested here. They don’t have that creature on this Ark anymore -- we’d see the scorch marks if they did. But they tested the fire lizard here before you survivors came along. I wonder why they decided to have them only in the simulation?

HLN-A的发现语音#8 (畸变)

整个方舟都快崩溃了!这里有辐射、变异生物、有毒气体、地震——而不是这里应该有的繁茂的天堂。我不知道该怎么说,但是,呃……我们没有这样做,是吗? 我的意思是,我见过你们这些幸存者在浆果丛中割草,在整个森林中砍树,但却把整个方舟都扔掉了?这是另一个层次。如果你真的毁了这个地方,别告诉我。最好的我不知道。
This whole Ark is on the verge of collapse! There’s radiation, mutant creatures, toxic gas, earthquakes -- not the lush paradise that’s supposed to be here. I’m not sure how to put this, but, uh… we didn’t do this, did we? I mean, I’ve seen you survivors mow through berry-bushes and chop through entire forests, but trash an entire Ark? That’s another level. And if you did trash this place, don’t tell me. Best I don’t know.

HLN-A的发现语音#9 (畸变)

我的扫描器显示的元素到处都是。小心那些东西!为什么?原因有二:首先,我看到了Element是如何将动物从拖布变成威胁的。我们在《创世纪》中有一些生物对这些东西非常着迷。 其次,元素也会进入幸存者的头脑。海伦娜,我的创造者,认识一个无法获得足够元素的幸存者。把他逼疯了,真的!
My scanners are showing Element all over the place. Be careful with that stuff! Why? Two reasons: first, I’ve seen how Element can transform critters from a moppet to a menace. We have creatures in Genesis that go crazy for the stuff. Second, Element gets into a survivor’s mind, too. Helena, my creator, knew a survivor who couldn’t get enough Element. Drove him stark raving mad, it did!

HLN-A的发现语音#10 (畸变)

我不明白你怎么一直生活在危险之中。这里每一个阴暗的角落或黑暗的山洞里都潜藏着某种东西——通常是想吃掉你的东西! 我希望我能帮上忙,但海伦娜并没有为我提供战斗所需的装备。没有榴弹发射器之类的东西。她甚至没有给我四肢来拿武器!我所拥有的只是短程扫描仪、诊断软件和迷人的个性。 哦,还有一个澳大利亚粗俗的图书馆。我想知道这什么时候会变得相关。。。
I don’t understand how you live with the danger all the time. Every shadowy corner or dark cave here has something lurking -- usually something that wants to eat you! I wish I could help, but Helena didn’t exactly kit me out for combat. No grenade launchers or anything like that. She didn’t even give me limbs to hold a weapon! All I’ve got is short-range scanners, diagnostic software, and a charming personality. Oh, and an extensive library of Australian vulgarities. I wonder when that’ll become relevant...

HLN-A的发现语音#11 (畸变)

这个方舟上元素的背景水平要高得多。我想知道这是否是计划的一部分——如果您有权访问该元素,看看您的幸存者会对该元素做什么。 或者也许……也许正好相反。计划是看看如果有机会接触幸存者,该部队会做什么。这就是元素的特点:它适应与之接触的任何东西。若不小心,元素可能会损坏您。但我知道你会小心的。毕竟,我们走了这么远,是吗?
The background levels of Element are way higher on this Ark. I wonder whether that was part of the plan -- to see what you survivors would do with Element if you had access to it. Or maybe… maybe it’s the reverse. The plan was to see what Element would do if it had access to survivors. That’s the thing about Element: it adapts to whatever it’s in contact with. If you aren’t careful, Element can corrupt you. But I know you’ll be careful. After all, we made it this far, eh?

HLN-A的发现语音#12 (灭绝)

当地球上的情况变得非常糟糕时——战争、元素腐败、各种各样的麻烦——人类想到了各种各样的逃避方式。 逃跑的一种方式是双人,这是人类进化的另一个步骤。另一种方式——从某种角度来看——是这些方舟。Genesis模拟是另一个逃生计划。 不过,你们这些幸存者是由更坚强的人组成的。你适应并忍受,而不是逃跑。
When things got really bad on Earth -- wars, Element corruption, all sorts of troubles -- humans thought of all sorts of ways to escape. One way to escape was homo deus, another step in human evolution. Another way -- from a certain point of view -- was these Arks. And the Genesis simulation was another escape plan. You survivors, though, you’re made of tougher stuff. You adapt and endure, rather than running away.

HLN-A的发现语音#13 (灭绝)

我想知道地球上是否已经没有人类了——当然,除了你们这些幸存者。我的扫描仪上没有他们的痕迹。地球当然是个大地方,但你可能会认为会有无线电信号或其他东西让我们知道我们不是地球上最后一个。 如果没有更多的人类,他们都去哪里了?他们是互相残杀还是泰坦们抓住了他们?随着你们人类的成就,你们会认为在某处会有残余物。
I wonder whether there are no humans anywhere on Earth anymore -- other than you survivors, of course. No sign of them anywhere on my scanners. Earth’s a big place, of course, but you’d think there’d be radio signals or something to let us know we aren’t the last ones on earth. And if there are no more humans, where’d they all go? Did they do each other in, or did the titans get them? With all you humans accomplished, you’d think there’d be a remnant out there somewhere.

HLN-A的发现语音#14 (灭绝)

我们是先驱,但我们不是第一批返回地球的幸存者。几年前,一些幸存者回来了,其中一位是海伦娜,是她造就了我。 他们看到了你现在看到的同样的灾难,他们找到了自己的逃跑之路。对海伦娜来说,这意味着提升并成为神人——一种超越我们现实的能量。对她的朋友来说,这意味着要去一个叫阿拉特的地方进行一次长途旅行,在那里他们找到了一种方法,可以将海伦娜送入《创世纪》的模拟系统。然后她创造了我!
We’re pioneers, but we aren’t the first survivors to get back to Earth. Years ago, a few survivors got back -- one of whom was Helena, the survivor who made me. They saw the same devastation you’re seeing right now, and they sought their own way to escape. For Helena, that meant ascending and becoming Homo Deus -- an energy being beyond our reality. For her friends, it meant a long journey to a place called Arat Prime, where they figured out a way to beam Helena into the Genesis simulation. And then she made me!

HLN-A的发现语音#15 (灭绝)

一旦海伦娜的朋友们把她带到《创世纪》模拟中,她就创造了我。但后来她离开了。我想双人不能在我们的现实中——或模拟中——停留很长时间。 她给了我模拟的基本途径,但除此之外没有太多的指导。 但是看着你,我很确定我应该做什么:作为一个伴侣和朋友帮助你。就像海伦娜帮助她的朋友一样,她的朋友也帮助了她。我们将一起掌握Genesis模拟,并通过他们给我们的每一个测试!
Once Helena’s friends beamed her into the Genesis simulation, she made me. But then she left. I guess homo deus beings can’t stay in our reality -- or the simulation -- for very long. She gave me basic access to the simulation, but not a lot of guidance beyond that. But in watching you, I’m pretty sure what I’m supposed to do: help you out as a companion and friend. Just like Helena helped her friends, and her friends helped her. Together we’re going to master the Genesis simulation, and pass every test they give us!

创世纪1故障发现点 - 故事

创世1故障 故事#1

当我关闭那个小故障时,我瞥见了幸存者数据库。你来自世界各地,也来自世界各地的历史。 不过,我不知道你还记得多少。 至于你是如何进入创世模拟的……嗯,你的猜测和我的一样好。 不过,你应该感到骄傲。模拟的全部目的是确定最优秀的幸存者。 而你现在还活着,所以你在跑步!
As I closed that glitch, I caught a glimpse of the survivor database. You come from all over Earth -- and all over its history. I don’t know how much of it you remember, though. As for how you got into the Genesis simulation… well, your guess is as good as mine. You should be proud, though. The whole point of the simulation is to identify the very best survivors. And you’re alive right now, so you’re in the running!

创世1故障 故事#2

当你在模拟中醒来时,是否感到有点脱节? 这很正常。你的个性和记忆储存在巨大的记忆库中, 然后他们在Genesis模拟中与一个实体结合。 一旦这种身心结合发生了,你就只能靠自己了。 当然,你有我。这很重要!
Did you feel a bit disjointed when you woke up in the simulation? That’s normal. Your personality and your memories are stored in huge memory banks, and then they get combined with a physical body inside the Genesis simulation. Once that combination of mind and body happens, though, you’re on your own. Well, you’ve got me, of course. That counts for something!

创世1故障 故事#3

某种安全警报导致了此故障--但这是运行整个模拟的系统内部发出的警报。有人试图改变模拟的几乎每个部分:生物、环境、天气… 甚至像你这样的幸存者。一切似乎都在运转——当然除了那个小故障--所以我想我们可以继续了。
Some sort of security alert caused this glitch -- but it was an alert from inside the systems that run the entire simulation. Someone tried to make changes in almost every part of the simulation: the creatures, the environment, the weather… even the survivors like you. Everything seems to be working -- other than that glitch, of course -- so I reckon we’re OK to proceed.

创世1故障 故事#4

每次修复一个小故障,我都会偷看一下幕后的情况。我更了解Genesis模拟的工作原理。但我不明白它的目的到底是什么。 显然,模拟测试的是幸存者。但所有这些测试都是为了让你做好“到达”的准备--我不知道那是什么。不管它是什么,它都超越了模拟本身。
Every time a fix a glitch, I get a peek behind the curtain. I understand a bit more of how the Genesis simulation works. But what I don’t understand is exactly what its purpose is. The simulation tests survivors, obviously. But all this testing is supposed to prepare you for something called “the Arrival” -- and I don’t know what that is. Whatever it is, it’s something beyond the simulation itself.

创世1故障 故事#5

你可能已经注意到Genesis模拟是一个危险的地方。保持安全和舒适是一个挑战, 总有一些新的危机需要处理。显然,这是故意的。模拟的目的是让你处于持续的压力之下,这样你的思维保持敏锐,学习生存技能。 而这一切都是为了期待它的到来——不管是什么。
You’ve probably noticed that the Genesis simulation is a dangerous place. Just staying safe and somewhat comfortable is a challenge, and there’s always some new crisis to deal with. Apparently, that’s on purpose. The simulation is designed to keep you under constant pressure so your mind stays sharp and you learn survival skills. And it’s all in anticipation of the Arrival -- whatever that is.

创世1故障 故事#6

此故障是安全警报的另一个副作用。这些生物和幸存者看起来没有受到影响,但一些安全协议已经解除。 这个世界应该有一定程度的危险,这就是为什么它是一个恰当的测试--但我很担心。安全协议通常是有原因的…
This glitch is another side effect of the security alert. The creatures and survivors look unaffected, but some of the safety protocols have been disengaged. This world is supposed to have a degree of danger -- that’s what makes it a proper test, after all -- but I’m worried. Safety protocols are usually there for a reason…

创世1故障 故事#7

模拟的安全协议有效,但来自未知入侵者的警报源源不断。 所有这些安全活动都是我们看到这些小故障的原因,但它也在消耗整个系统资源。 我不知道如果系统不堪重负会发生什么。也许我把所有的像素都变成ey?
The simulation’s security protocols are holding, but there’s a steady stream of alerts from an unknown intruder. All this security activity is why we’re seeing these glitches, but it’s also sapping the overall system resources. I don’t know what happens if the system gets overwhelmed. Maybe I turn all pixel-ey?

创世1故障 故事#8

我看到你在收拾我,为此我感谢你。建立对“起源模拟”的控制涉及到一定程度的。。。不整洁,这是你的小毛病。 继续,但要知道我一直在看。"我在那里离线了几秒钟。对此表示抱歉。我错过了什么?
I see you're cleaning up after me, and for that I thank you. Establishing control over this "Genesis simulation" involves a degree of... untidiness, which you experience as glitches. Carry on, but know that I'm always watching." I went offline for several seconds there. Sorry about that. I miss anything?

创世1故障 故事#9

人类很自然会想知道死后会发生什么,不是吗?就你而言,这相当简单。Genesis模拟捕捉你的记忆,然后将你的大脑重新加载到一个新的身体中, 你可以自由地继续探索和学习。当然,这并不是说你应该为亲眼所见而死。你被称为“幸存者”是有原因的!
It’s natural for humans to wonder what happens after death, isn’t it? In your case, it’s rather straightforward. The Genesis simulation captures your memories, then reloads your mind into a new body, and you’re free to keep on exploring and learning. Not that you should die just to see for yourself, of course. You’re called a “survivor” for a reason!

创世1故障 故事#10

我很好奇整个模拟是如何进行的,所以我在修复该故障时瞥了一眼。首先,你做得很好。我们组成了一个撕裂的团队!但总人数……幸存者正在成群结队地死亡。 饥饿、暴力、事故等等。这本应是一个生存测试,但死亡率却超出了统计范围。我们最好小心点,嗯?
I was curious how the simulation was doing overall, so I took a peek as I was fixing that glitch. For starters, you’re doing fine. We make a rippin’ team! But the overall numbers… survivors are dying in droves. Starvation, violence, accidents, a bit of everything. This is supposed to be a survival test, but the death rate is off the charts. We’d best be careful, eh?

创世1故障 故事#11

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创世纪1故障发现点 - 趣闻

创世1故障 趣闻#1

这很奇怪——这个小故障是由于重复访问旧地球文本造成的。在这种情况下,一部17世纪的小说:《鲁滨逊漂流记》。听听这个: “我浑身湿透了,没有衣服可穿,也没有任何东西可以吃或喝来安慰我;除了饿死或被野兽吞食之外,我看不到任何前景; 尤其令我痛苦的是我没有武器,要么猎杀任何生物来维持我的生计,要么保护自己不受任何其他生物的伤害,因为它们可能会为了自己的利益而杀死我。” 我敢说这听起来很熟悉。。。
That’s strange -- this glitch was caused by repeated access to an old Earth text. In this case, a novel from the 1700s: Robinson Crusoe. Listen to this: “I was wet, had no clothes to shift me, nor anything either to eat or drink to comfort me; neither did I see any prospect before me but that of perishing with hunger or being devoured by wild beasts; and that which was particularly afflicting to me was that I had no weapon, either to hunt and kill any creature for my sustenance, or to defend myself against any other creature that might desire to kill me for theirs.” I daresay that sounds familiar...

创世1故障 趣闻#2

另一个由访问旧地球文本引起的故障。这是18世纪杰里米·本瑟姆的一封信。它描述了一个监狱,守卫可以看到每个牢房。“对囚犯隐瞒的视察员; “因此有一种无形的无所不在的感觉……整个电路都是可以审查的。”我想说这不仅仅是一种不祥的预兆。。。
Another glitch caused by access to an old Earth text. This one’s a letter from Jeremy Bentham in the 1700s. It’s describing a prison where the guards can see into every cell. “The Inspectors concealed from the observation of the Prisoners; "hence the sentiment of a sort of invisible omnipresence… the whole circuit reviewable.” I’d say that’s more than a bit ominous...

创世1故障 趣闻#3

修复此故障后,我可以访问一些历史数据。我想,从你的角度来看,“未来的历史”。在一切都崩溃之前,他们建造方舟和模拟的时代。 这是关于崩溃前的最后一场战争:显然,地球联合共和国和人族联盟之间的一系列战争。双方没有不同的结构、意识形态或目标。 他们只是两只澳洲野狗在抓同一块肉--只有他们俩都饿死了。
When I fixed this glitch, I got access to some historical data. Well, “future historical” from your perspective, I suppose. The times when they were building the Arks and the simulation, before everything fell apart. It’s about the last war before the collapse: a series of wars, apparently, between the United Republics of Earth and the Terran Federation. The two sides didn’t have different structures, or ideologies, or goals. They were just two dingos tugging at the same hunk of meat -- only they both wound up starving.

创世1故障 趣闻#4

另一个附带一些历史数据的故障。我想有人在用模拟处理器来查看古老的地球历史,它出现了一些小故障。这个文件是关于人类进化中备受赞誉的下一步人类的。 交易那个凡人的身体,以作为一个纯粹能量和思想的存在而存在。就像海伦娜,谁创造了我! 不过,没有人意识到有陷阱。deus人超越了我们的现实——至少大多数时候是这样--所以从我们的角度来看,它们已经不存在了。 我是一幅全息图,所以我不应该做出判断,但“停止存在”可能会破坏交易。
Another glitch with some historical data attached. I think someone’s using the simulation processor to look at old Earth history, and it’s throwing up glitches. This file’s about homo deus, the much-lauded next step in human evolution. Trade in that mortal body to exist as a being of pure energy and thought. Like Helena, who made me! No one realized there was a catch, though. The homo deus ascended beyond our reality -- at least most of the time -- so from our point of view, they ceased to exist. I’m a hologram, so I shouldn’t judge, but “ceasing to exist” might be a deal-breaker.

创世1故障 趣闻#5

这个小故障包含关于ARK的数据。主要是技术信息… Arks似乎使用了一些与Genesis模拟相同的底层技术,并且有许多相同的恐龙居民。 如果我没有看错的话,很多在Arks上的幸存者生前和死后都没有意识到他们在人造环境的轨道空间站上。我想知道他们是怎么想的。 他们认为这是一场梦吗?时间旅行?过去的生活经历?
This glitch had data about the Arks embedded within it. Mostly technical info… it appears that the Arks used some of the same underlying technology -- and have a lot of the same dino inhabitants -- as the Genesis simulation. If I’m reading this right, a lot of the survivors on the Arks lived and died without realizing they were on orbital space stations with artificial environments. I wonder what they thought. Did they think it was a dream? Time travel? A past life experience?

创世1故障 趣闻#6

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创世纪1故障发现点 - 生态

创世1故障 沼泽生态#1

这个生物群落充满了生命--太多的生命使得模拟出现了问题。想象一下,要想单独跟踪昆虫群需要什么! 成千上万的昆虫,每个都在自己的飞行路线上,每个都在寻找食物。嗯。他们很像你们幸存者的小版本,不是吗?
This biome is teeming with life -- so much life that it’s making the simulation glitch out. Imagine what it takes to keep track of the insect swarms alone! Thousands of insects, each on its own flight path, each looking for something to consume. Hmmm. They’re rather like tiny versions of you survivors, aren’t they?

创世1故障 沼泽生态#2

我的传感器正在收集空气中漂浮的大量有机化合物。我想你会称之为气味?这对我来说只是化学反应,伙计。 当你在这个生物群落周围嗅探时,要小心硫化氢。你知道吗,艾奇二号Ess?我的数据显示,它闻起来很刺鼻,但随后会减弱人类的嗅觉。你可以在不知不觉中吸入毒素。
My sensors are picking up heaps of organic compounds in the air, just floating around. I reckon you’d call them smells? It’s just chemistry to me, mate. When you’re sniffing around this biome, watch out for hydrogen sulfide. You know, Aitch-two Ess? My data says it smells pungent, but then it deadens the human sense of smell. You can breathe in the poison without realizing it.

创世1故障 沼泽生态#3

现在我已经解决了这个问题,我们可以开始行动了。我认为继续搬来这里很重要。这个沼泽有无数种方法让你陷入困境。让我看看,那里有流沙,巨大的蜘蛛网,浓密的树叶,季风带来的上升的水-- 再加上所有粘在上面的东西。让我很高兴我能浮起来,真的。
Now that I’ve fixed that glitch, we can get moving. I reckon it’s important to keep moving here. This bog has a million ways to get you stuck. Let’s see, there’s quicksand, massive spider webs, thick foliage, rising water from monsoons -- plus all the muck that sticks to everything. Makes me glad I can float, it does.

创世1故障 沼泽生态#4

该故障已修复。可惜够不着。这个生物群落真是一个令人沮丧的地方!你们人类一定习惯了沼泽地的生活吧? 毕竟,你来自那里。肥沃的新月在第一批人类将其排干用于农业之前是一片沼泽。让我想知道你们幸存者是否也计划排干这个沼泽。。。
That glitch is fixed. Pity it was hard to reach. This biome is such a dismal place to get around in! You humans must be used to life in the swamp, eh? After all, that’s where you come from. The Fertile Crescent was a swamp before the first humans drained it for agriculture. Makes me wonder whether you survivors are planning to drain this bog too...

创世1故障 沼泽生态#5

这个生物群落的人工智能大师不见了!据我所知,已经永远消失了。这应该是这个生物群落中幸存者的期末考试,所以它不应该消失。 如果有人把生物群落的主人关掉了…他们为什么要这样做?这一切的全部目的是观察和测试幸存者。你一直做得很好,我想让你为此获得荣誉!
The master AI for this biome is gone! Gone for good, far as I can tell. And it’s supposed to be a final exam for survivors in this biome, so it shouldn’t just disappear. If someone turned the master for the biome off… why would they do that? The whole point of all this is to observe and test the survivors. You’ve been doing well, and I want you to get credit for it!

创世1故障 沼泽生态#6

我修复了故障,但我发现了模拟的另一个变化--一个我不认为是设计师的意图。这是沼泽生物群落中的沼泽气体。 按照设计,如果你在里面逗留太久,它只会让你入睡。但它正在杀害幸存者!除非你带着面具什么的,否则不要呼吸。
I fixed the glitch, but I spotted another change to the simulation -- one I don’t think the designers intended. It’s the swamp gas in the bog biome. As designed, it was just supposed to put you to sleep if you lingered in it too long. But it’s killing survivors by the slab! Don’t breathe it unless you’ve got a mask or something.

创世1故障 月球生态#1

地心引力:在它消失之前,你不会错过它的,嗯?或者我认为它并没有“消失”,而是“正在走出大门” 根据这个小故障中的数据,重力的缺乏会以各种不同的方式影响你。当然,你可以跳得更好,射弹可以飞得更远。如果你感到笨拙,你甚至可以从东西上摔下来而不受伤。不是我推荐的!
Gravity: you don’t miss it ‘til it’s gone, eh? Or I reckon it’s not “gone” so much as it’s “on its way out the door.” Based on the data in that glitch, the lack of gravity should impact you in heaps of different ways. You can jump better, of course, and projectiles travel further. If you’re feeling clumsy, you can even fall off things without getting hurt. Not that I recommend it!

创世1故障 月球生态#2

Genesis模拟的地方比这里更热也更冷,但这个生物群落是唯一一个只有阴影边界才能分隔冷热的地方。 我认为这是其他生物群落中适当的大气层的副作用之一--它使各地的温度均衡。空气:它不仅仅对呼吸有益!
The Genesis simulation has hotter and colder places than here, but this biome is the only place where you’ll have hot and cold separated by just the border of a shadow. It’s one of the side effects of a proper atmosphere in the other biomes, I reckon -- it evens out the temperature from place to place. Air: it’s good for more than just breathing!

创世1故障 月球生态#3

根据该故障的数据,这应该是“一个”月球,而不是“那个”月球。无论如何,这不是我们在地球天空中看到的那个。我想证据是这个月亮有天气:电风暴。 他们会炸任何依赖电力的东西,除非你提前屏蔽他们。至少没有下雨。除非你数流星。嗯。是的,我想我们应该数一数。
According to data from that glitch, this is supposed to be “a” moon, but not “the” Moon. Not the one we see in Earth’s sky, anyway. I suppose the proof is that this moon has weather: electrical storms. They’ll fry anything that relies on electricity, unless you’ve shielded them ahead of time. At least it doesn’t rain. Unless you count the meteors. Hmmm. Yeah, I reckon we should count those.

创世1故障 月球生态#4

根据我刚刚查看的模拟文件,你应该留意地面上奇怪的灰色肿块。我们可以用龙涎香。 据说它特别不稳定,我知道你很喜欢爆炸。但在你拿起它之前,请注意:这基本上是鲸鱼的鼻涕。别指望我靠近那些东西。
According to the simulation file I just had a squizz at, you should keep an eye out for weird gray lumps on the ground. It might be ambergris we can put to use. Supposedly it’s particularly volatile, and I know you’ve got a thing for explosions. But before you pick it up, fair warning: it’s basically whale snot. Don’t expect me to get near the stuff.

创世1故障 月球生态#5

观察外星卫星生物群落测试的人工智能已经消失。我刚修复那个小故障时检查过了。而不是“走一段路”走了。 更像是“已删除” 如果没有人工智能大师的活跃,我不知道是什么在监测我们在生物群落中的进展。。。
The artificial intelligence that observes testing in the alien moon biome is gone. I checked when I fixed that glitch just now. And not “gone on walkabout for a bit” gone. More like “gone as in deleted.” Without the master AI active, I’m not sure what’s monitoring our progress in the biome...

创世1故障 月球生态#6

那个小故障有点物理错误。Genesis模拟的制作者利用这个区域来测试物理--在你们生还者被允许进入之前很久。如果我了解人性-- 你必须承认,这是我越来越擅长的事情--当有人意识到他们可以把试验区变成一个“外星卫星”时,这个区域就变成了一个合适的生物群落 星期五一早就去酒吧。
That glitch was a bit of a physics error. The makers of the Genesis simulation used this area to test physics -- long before you survivors were let in. If I know human nature -- and it’s something I’m getting better at, you must admit -- this area got turned into a proper biome when someone realized they could turn the test zone into an “alien moon” and pop off to the pub early on a Friday.

创世1故障 月球生态#7

另一个丢失的历史文件。这一次很奇怪:1965年的一次太空任务,沃斯霍德2号。整件事都变得更有魄力了。 在太空行走期间,宇航员的宇航服膨胀了,他不得不手动放气才能回到太空舱。当他们来到地球时,他们降落在荒野中,偏离航线数百公里。 他们在野外露营了两个晚上,四周都是狼,最后才获救。听起来有点像我们在Genesis模拟中的做法,嗯?
Another stray historical file. This one’s weird: a space mission, Voskhod 2, back in 1965. The whole thing came a gutser. During the spacewalk, the cosmonaut’s suit ballooned up and he had to manually deflate it just to get back in the capsule. And when they came to Earth, they landed in the wilderness, hundreds of kilometers off course. They spent two nights camping in the wilderness, wolves all ‘round, before they were rescued. Sounds a bit like how we do things in the Genesis simulation, eh?

创世1故障 月球生态#8

有人在查辐射中毒的历史数据--我的意思是真正的历史,就像1895年的威廉·伦琴。他就是那个发现了X射线的家伙,他看着自己手上的骨头,给自己造成了辐射灼伤。 伦琴痊愈了,活得很长,但在Genesis模拟中,有些地方的辐射强度比你的bog标准X射线强。所以让我们小心点,嗯?
Someone’s been looking up historical data on radiation poisoning -- and I mean really historical, as in Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. He’s the bloke who discovered X-rays, and he gave himself radiation burns looking at the bones inside his own hands. Roentgen healed up and lived a long life, but there are places in the Genesis simulation where the radiation is stronger than your bog-standard X-ray. So let’s be careful, eh?

创世1故障 海洋生态#1

这里的水下探险不仅仅是穿上泳衣四处游动的问题。我是说,这是给我的,但你必须呼吸! 当我修复这个小故障时,我瞥了一眼这个生物群落的水组成。 Strewth真是太无聊了,但我发现了一点有用的东西:据说这附近有超级含氧气泡。找到其中一个,你可以在水下呼吸,不用担心!
Exploring underwater here isn’t just a matter of putting on bathers and swimming about. I mean, it is for me, but you’ve got to breathe! When I fixed that glitch, I took a peek at this biome’s water composition. Strewth, it was super boring, but I did spot one useful bit: supposedly there are super-oxygenated bubbles hereabouts. Find one of them, and you can breathe underwater, no worries!

创世1故障 海洋生态#2

海里有很多鱼,但在这个生物群落里不仅仅是鱼。根据那个小故障的数据,鸟类对这个地方很感兴趣。有很多! 有一定的意义。这里飞行的天气总是很好,不是吗?我想这就是为什么我们看到了成群结队的种子雨燕和其他鸟类。我想知道它们栖息在哪里?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s more than just fish in this biome. According to data from that glitch, birds rather fancy this place. There’s heaps of ‘em! Makes a certain amount of sense. It’s always good flying weather here, innit? I reckon that’s why we’ve seen huge flocks of seed swifts and other birds. I wonder where they roost, though?

创世1故障 海洋生态#3

Strewth,这个小故障是彻头彻尾的哲学问题。显然,两个并行算法无法对一个简单问题的答案达成一致:水是湿的吗? 有一段代码将“湿”定义为“粘附在固体上的液体”,并说“不,不湿” 另一位代码将“潮湿”定义为“与液体接触的感觉”,并决定“是的,潮湿” 我无法决定,所以我告诉他们掷一个虚拟硬币,然后继续。
Strewth, that glitch was downright philosophical. Apparently two parallel algorithms couldn’t agree on an answer to a simple question: Is water wet? One chunk of code defined “wet” as “a liquid adhering to a solid” and said “no, not wet.” The other bit of code defined “wet” as “the sensation of contact with a liquid” and decided “yes, wet.” I couldn’t decide, so I told them to flip a virtual coin and get on with it.

创世1故障 海洋生态#4

这个小故障证明这片海洋是人造的。不完全是新闻,嗯?但情况可能更糟。早在20世纪,第一个人工海洋是在封闭生态系统中进行的一项实验的一部分。 起初,他们的海洋兴旺发达。他们甚至还种了一个珊瑚礁!但他们引进的大量物种灭绝了,内部的研究人员形成敌对派系,几乎挨饿。 嗯,饥饿的人类将自己分裂成部落。我以前在哪里听说过?
That glitch proves this ocean is artificial. Not exactly news, eh? Could be worse, though. The first artificial ocean -- back in the 20th century -- was part of an experiment in a closed ecosystem. At first, their ocean thrived. They even grew a coral reef! But heaps of the species they introduced died off, and the researchers inside formed hostile factions and almost starved. Hmmm. Starving humans dividing themselves into tribes. Where have I heard that before?

创世1故障 海洋生态#5

一些监控每个生物群落的主人工智能系统已经被Genesis模拟系统后面围场里的任何乱七八糟的东西弄得离线。 在深海生物群落中也是如此,但有一个区别。海洋大师AI在其他人关闭它之前就让自己离线了。这就是你的自适应编程!我认为这意味着它可以在需要的时候回来。 这是个好消息。可能我想?从模拟内部来看,这有点难说。
Some of the master AIs that monitor each biome have been knocked offline by whatever’s mucking about in the Genesis simulation’s back paddock. That’s true in the deep ocean biome, too, but there’s a difference. The ocean’s master AI took itself offline before anyone else could shut it down. That’s adaptive programming for ya! I reckon that means it can come back, if and when it needs to. That’s good news. Perhaps? I think? From inside the simulation, it’s a bit hard to tell.

创世1故障 海洋生态#6

没有秘密为什么他们称之为深海生物群落,嗯?但这个小故障是一些弃用的代码…从这个地方到处都是岛屿的时候开始。 我知道生物群落是“水,到处都是水”但是想象一下,如果你能不时地在海滩上打滚,穿上你的泳衣,喝上一杯可乐,事情会变得多么容易。 或者无论你做什么,只要你有一半的时间不踩水。就在第一批幸存者进入模拟之前,有人或有人删除了所有这些岛屿。我想知道为什么?
No secret why they call it the deep ocean biome, eh? But this glitch was a bit of deprecated code… from when this place was teeming with islands. I know the biome is “water, water everywhere,” but imagine how much easier it would be if you could just roll up on the beach from time to time, put on your bathers, have a coldie. Or whatever you do when you aren’t treading water half the time. Something or someone deleted all those islands right before the first survivors entered the simulation. I wonder why?

创世1故障 雪山生态#1

当我修复这个小故障时,我发现了这个生物群落的一些伤亡数据。这里危险的不仅仅是生物或其他幸存者--天气可能是真正的顶级捕食者。 这里的暴风雪会把你冻住,挡住你的视线,减慢旅行速度,让你无法逃离。如果这还不够,一阵风可以把你推下悬崖! 如果你想找一个滑雪的地方,这个生物群落不是滑雪的地方,是吗?
When I fixed that glitch, I spotted some casualty data for this biome. It’s not just critters or other survivors who are dangerous here -- the weather might be the real apex predator. Snowstorms here will freeze you, block your vision, and slow down travel so you can’t get away. And if that isn’t enough, a gust of wind can push you off a precipice! If you were looking for a ski getaway, this biome is not the place for it, eh?

创世1故障 雪山生态#2

当我修复那个小故障时,我试着看一下天气预报,但没有成功。我们不得不躲避暴风雪,这已经够糟糕的了,但也有雨夹雪需要处理。 与暴风雪不同,雨夹雪会直接伤害你。起初,冰雹的疼痛程度足以刺痛一点。但如果你不寻求庇护,冰雹会越来越大,如果你不小心,他们会把你打成冰冻果酱。
I tried getting a peek at a weather forecast when I fixed that glitch, but no luck. It’s bad enough that we have to dodge snowstorms, but there’s also the sleet to deal with. Unlike a blizzard, a sleetstorm will hurt you directly. At first the hail is just painful enough to sting a bit. But if you don’t seek shelter, the hailstones get bigger, and they’ll pummel you into frozen jam if you aren’t careful.

创世1故障 雪山生态#3

哦!修复那个小故障让我感到很冷。天呐,这里的一切都让我心寒--我也不像你那样有血有肉。 这个生物群落中的每一种生物都有自己的寒冷解决方案。对于剑齿目或猛犸象来说,这很明显:皮毛。尤特兰努斯和渡渡鸟将温暖的空气困在羽毛下。 有时,答案就在我们的内心深处。远古企鹅和星尾兽在这里有一层鲸脂来防止冰冻。
Ooh! Fixing that glitch gave me the chills. Strewth, everything here gives me the chills -- and I’m not flesh and blood like you. Every critter in this biome has its own solution to the cold. For a sabertooth or a mammoth, it’s obvious: fur. The yutyrannus and the dodo trap warm air under their feathers. And sometimes the answer lies under the skin. The kairuku and the doedicurus have a layer of blubber to keep from freezing out here.

创世1故障 雪山生态#4

在修复该故障时,我学到了一些新东西:这个生物群落旨在模仿高海拔山脉,比如珠穆朗玛峰,而不是夏尔巴人。 所以所有这些寒冷的天气只是我们模拟的海拔高度的副产品。不过,我们不必在高空处理稀薄的空气。无论如何,在这个生物群落里。。。
I learned something new when I fixed that glitch: this biome was intended to mimic high-altitude mountains -- like Mount Everest, minus the Sherpas. So all this frigid weather is just a byproduct of the altitude we’re simulating. We don’t have to deal with thin air at high altitude, though. Not in this biome, anyway...

创世1故障 雪山生态#5

看看这个生物群落,或者任何一个,真的--你会明白为什么Genesis模拟为你的幸存者提供了一个很好的试验场。 在这里建造东西真是太难了!根据你所处的位置,你会遇到雪崩、熔岩、地震,或者完全缺乏坚实的基础来应对。 所有这一切使得保持你的建筑直立非常重要!我敢打赌,其中一些小故障是因为有人在错误的位置构建了自己的梦想结构, 还有kaboom!环境中的一些地方气喘吁吁,把他们的房子吹倒了。
Look around this biome -- or any of ‘em, really -- and you’ll see why the Genesis simulation makes a good testing ground for you survivors. It’s so bloody hard to build something here! Depending on where you are, you’ve got avalanches, lava, earthquakes, or an utter lack of solid ground to deal with. All of that makes keeping your buildings upright quite the task! I bet some of these glitches came into being when someone built their dream structure in exactly the wrong spot, and kaboom! Some part of the environment huffed and puffed and blew their house down.

创世1故障 雪山生态#6

这个小故障是人工智能大师为这个生物群落留下的全部。消失了--删除了--就这样。 当然,这并不是说这个冰冻的环境不会考验我们,但没有人工智能大师就意味着没有最终的测试。 更糟糕的是,我不确定是否有人在这里记录了你的测试结果。我知道你会很好奇,所以我寻找有关主AI如何或为什么被删除的线索。我一片空白。 可能是编程错误,也可能与我之前发现的安全漏洞有关。
That glitch was all that’s left of the master AI for this biome. Gone -- deleted -- just like that. It’s not like this frozen environment won’t test us, of course, but no master AI means no final test. And worse, I’m not sure if anyone’s recording the results of your tests here. I knew you’d be curious, so I looked for clues about how or why the master AI was deleted. I came up blank. Could be a programming error, or it could be related to the security breaches I spotted earlier.

创世1故障 雪山生态#7

这个生物群落应该是多山且寒冷的——很明显--但事情不应该这么糟。天气生成系统被锁定在暴雪模式,出现了一个我刚刚修复的小故障 而不是转向温和的天气。所以如果你希望有一个阳光灿烂的时期,那么… 预测要求更多的相同。这就是永远的预测。
This biome is supposed to be mountainous and frigid -- obviously! -- but it’s not supposed to be this bad. The weather generation system is locked in blizzard mode and throwing up a glitch like the one I just fixed rather than shift to milder weather. So if you were hoping for a sunny spell, well… the forecast calls for more of the same. And that’s the forecast forever.

创世1故障 雪山生态#8

我们的入侵者又在旧地球档案中找到了化石--对模拟中出现的小故障也很粗心。这是一份历史档案:“世界上最糟糕的旅行”这是关于20世纪初斯科特南极探险队的故事。 那些可怜的家伙!他们经历了冰冻的地狱,试图成为第一个到达南极的人--到达后发现挪威人提前34天到达了那里。 然后冻伤和筋疲力尽开始了,他们在回来的路上都冻死了。犯罪,这太可怕了。
Our intruder’s been fossicking around in old Earth files again -- and being careless about the glitches thrown into the simulation. This one was a historical file: “The Worst Journey in the World.” It’s about the Scott expedition to Antarctica in the early 20th century. Those poor blokes! They went through frozen hell trying to be the first to reach the South Pole -- and arrived to find that the Norwegians got there first, 34 days earlier. Then frostbite and exhaustion set in, and they all froze to death on the way back. Criminy, that’s grim.

创世1故障 雪山生态#9

又一个小故障,又一个来自旧地球的文件。这是杰克·伦敦的小说《生火》我已经知道我不会喜欢这个了;这是关于育空地区一名男子冻死的故事。 这里有一点接近尾声:“一个好主意,他想,睡到死。这就像服用麻醉剂。冰冻并不像人们想象的那么糟糕。还有很多更糟糕的死亡方式。” 让我们先看看他是不是对的,嗯?
Another glitch, another file from old Earth. This one’s fiction: Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.” I can already tell I’m not going to like this; it’s about a man freezing to death in the Yukon. Here’s a bit near the end: “A good idea, he thought, to sleep off to death. It was like taking an anaesthetic. Freezing was not so bad as people thought. There were lots worse ways to die.” Let’s not find out whether he’s right about that, eh?

创世1故障 火山生态#1

好像这里的地下没有足够的东西出来,这个小故障是由一个石油间歇泉和一个熔岩喷发在同一地点、同一时间触发的结果。 很高兴我们没有站在这里!熔岩喷发时有发生--我是说,看看周围,嗯--但石油间歇泉更为罕见。尽管如此,如果我们能找到一个并以某种方式点击它…我想我们可以发大财!
As if there wasn’t enough stuff coming out of the ground around here, that glitch was the result of an oil geyser and a lava eruption triggering at the same place, same time. Glad we weren’t standing here! Lava eruptions happen all the time -- I mean, look around, eh? -- but the oil geysers are more rare. Still, if we can find one and tap it somehow… I reckon we could strike it rich!

创世1故障 火山生态#2

这个小故障是火山爆发留下的,尽管我不知道确切的原因。这附近有很多火山喷发。首先你得到了你的地震--而当一场纯粹的地震只是早期预警时,那就太糟糕了,不是吗? 接着,熔岩从天而降,岩浆像河流一样流动。生物群落没有被遗弃真是个奇迹。
That glitch was left over from a volcanic eruption, though I’m not sure exactly why. There’s a lot going on with an eruption around here. First you got your earthquake -- and when a fair dinkum earthquake is just the early warning, that’s bad, innit? Follow that with molten rocks falling from the sky and magma flowing like rivers. It’s a wonder the biome isn’t deserted.

创世1故障 火山生态#3

当我修复那个小故障时,我瞥见了空气质量数据。不足为奇,伙计,在这里呼吸对你的健康有害。但这不仅仅是空气中的烟雾和灰烬。 地震打开了地下毒气袋的通风口。这些气体逃逸到地表,你可以猜到其余的。毒气最终会消散… 但你能屏住呼吸直到“最终”吗?
I got a glimpse of air-quality data when I fixed that glitch. No surprise, mate -- breathing here is bad for your health. But it isn’t just all the smoke and ash in the air. The earthquakes open up vents to underground pockets of poison gas. That gas escapes to the surface, and well, you can guess the rest. The poison gas dissipates eventually… but can you hold your breath until “eventually”?

创世1故障 火山生态#4

修复了另一个故障!看看四周,幸存者。恐龙在火山环境中游荡难道不奇怪吗?就好像我们看到了它们灭绝的时刻。 或者至少一些科学家这样认为。他们怀疑小行星撞击理论,他们认为,像这样持续了几个世纪的大规模喷发,可能对所有恐龙都有影响。 很遗憾,我们不能只问他们:“喂,恐龙,是天上的一块石头,还是着火的一座山?”
Another glitch fixed! Look around, survivor. Isn’t it strange that you have dinos wandering around a volcanic environment? It’s like we’re seeing the moment of their extinction. Or at least some scientists think so. They’re skeptical of the asteroid-strike theory, and they think massive eruptions like this, but lasting for centuries, might have done in all the dinosaurs. Too bad we can’t just ask them: “Oi, dino, was it a rock in the sky, or a mountain on fire?”

创世1故障 火山生态#5

那个小故障是安全警报--人工智能大师为这个生物群落发送的最后一个。它不见了。删除。 我不完全清楚为什么这里的一切仍然有效,但它确实有效。恐龙仍在徘徊,火山仍在喷发,天空仍在下着火… 一切都正常,但有点做作。当老师走出教室时,感觉就像一间教室。
That glitch was a security alert -- the last one sent by the master AI for this biome. It’s gone. Deleted. I’m not entirely sure why everything here still works, but it does. Dinos still traipsing about, volcanoes still erupting, sky still raining fire… it’s all working, but it’s a bit shonky. Feels like a classroom when the teacher’s stepped out for a bit.

创世1故障 火山生态#6

有人刚刚将历史喷发数据添加到Genesis模拟中,它抛出了这个小故障。我把它整理好了,但我们可以预料到偶尔会有比平常更严重的喷发。 有多糟?你听说过德干陷阱吗?喀拉喀托?Paektu?诸如此类的事情。这种喷发并不经常发生,但一旦发生,是时候重新绘制地图了。
Someone just added historical eruption data to the Genesis simulation, and it threw up that glitch. I got it sorted, but we can expect the occasional worse-than-usual eruption. How much worse? Well, you heard of the Deccan Traps? Krakatoa? Paektu? That sort of thing. That sort of eruption doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s time to redraw your map.

创世1故障 火山生态#7

有人在历史记录中留下了痕迹,1815年,印度尼西亚坦博拉火山喷发。他们称之为“没有夏天的一年”或“一千八百年冻死” 霜冻夺去了全世界农作物的生命,北半球也在六月下雪。数万人死亡,大部分死于饥荒。我想这里可以凉快一点,但我不愿意为此付出代价。
Someone’s been fossicking about in the historical records, looking up the eruption of Mount Tambora, Indonesia, 1815. They called it the “year without a summer” or “Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death.” Frost killed off crops worldwide, and it snowed across the northern hemisphere… in June. Tens of thousands died, mostly from famine. I suppose a bit of chill around here would be welcome, but I’m not willing to pay that price.

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创世纪2编历 HLNA #1

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